Letter: Rail leadership needs to use common sense

To the Editors:

I ride the train from Wilton to and from Grand Central most days. Sometimes if I need flexibility coming home I drive to SoNo or Stamford and day park there. I read something about new leadership coming on board to run Metro-North. Good. Here are some suggestions for the new brain trust to consider:

1. Unless it’s idiotic, keep the diesel trains. Plenty of times (ice, snow, trees down, sagging lines, transformer blown, etc.) the diesels are the only ones running.

2. Expand the day parking options. The supposed coming replacement of the Stamford garage is ridiculous.

3. No need to replace the Danbury line cars; just reupholster the many old and sagging seats.

4. Figure out how to alert riders to delays. Today the 6:48 never left Danbury and the 7:20 was “five to 10” minutes late. Channel 12 showed “good service” all around. The schools have figured it out. Ask them.

The train service isn’t all bad. Maybe these new leaders will actually try riding the trains once or twice. Talking to live commuters and a little common sense could go a long way to making it better.

Andrew P. Gaillard

Chestnut Hill Road, Jan. 15