Letter: Protect Class AA wetlands on Brubeck estate

To the Editors:

Please accept this letter, which conveys my deep concern regarding proposed development of seven five-bedroom houses on the Brubeck estate. This development threatens Class AA wetlands including Comstock Brook, the only trout stream in Wilton,  as well as a number of vernal pools replete with amphibian life. These wetlands serve a vital function as recharge areas for regional drinking water. The presence of trout in Comstock Brook is evidence of the high quality of the water.

A development of the proposed size would compromise these important wetlands by disturbing the tree canopy, which shades the water, thus creating optimal temperatures for the aquatic life that sustains the water quality. Increased sediment from construction activities and run off from the future lawns and homes would significantly degrade the water quality.

Reducing the size of the development would preserve these wetlands while still allowing the Brubeck Trust to reap a financial benefit, to which it is most certainly entitled. My request is that this right be properly balanced against the public right to clean water. These wetlands are unique, vital to the public health and irreplaceable. They should be protected.

Our area is experiencing a prolonged drought. One need only drive southbound on the Merritt Parkway between here and Stamford to see the large black water pipe moving water, our most vital resource, between reservoirs — something I have not seen before in my 46 years of residence in the area. It is a daily reminder of the precious nature of our water which I hope that the Inland Wetlands commission will vote to protect.
Lisa Stuart
Wilton, April 3