Letter: Proposed EPA head may gamble with our planet’s future

To the Editors:
I am deeply concerned for the future of our planet due to the appointment of Scott Pruitt, a known climate change denier to head the EPA. No one knows for sure that warming temperatures and climate change are man-made but the overwhelming consensus of scientists is that the burning of fossil fuels causing significantly elevated carbon dioxide levels is the culprit.
There are two alternatives here. One is that scientists are correct and if we take measures to reduce our use of fossil fuels and increase our use of renewable energy we may be able slow down and eventually halt the change. This alternative means imposing some cost, with measures such as a carbon tax or greater clean energy tax credits. The second alternative, presumably favored by Mr. Pruitt, is to assume that the current climate variations are simply a random fluctuation (although the extremity of the change strongly suggests that it is not) and do nothing.
To sum up, if my fears are correct and man-made climate change is real and we take Mr. Pruitt’s approach and do nothing, the scientific evidence suggests that our planet could become uninhabitable by humans within several generations. This is a gamble I am not prepared to make and I just hope that Mr. Pruitt examines the scientific evidence a little more closely.
Richard F. Creeth
Catalpa Road, Dec. 12