Letter: Proclamation highlights Wilton’s strengths

To the Editors:

A grassroots effort by a group of passionate Wiltonians has resulted in the Tolerance Proclamation, a statement intended to encourage discussion of the values and ideals we uphold as individuals, as a town, and as a whole society.

Our proclamation was presented to the Board of Selectmen on Monday night, Feb. 6, and is now under their active consideration. The selectmen will follow the specific rules for local democratic governance and collective decision-making while considering this statement of inclusion, tolerance and civility.

The proclamation is as follows:

“We the Selectmen of Wilton, Connecticut, do hereby reaffirm our Town’s commitment to inclusion, tolerance and civility. We recognize the diversity of our citizens and visitors, whatever their gender, religion, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, citizenship, disability, political views, or social or economic status.

“We resolve to respect and ensure the rights of all our citizens and visitors to participate fully in our community, and for all our citizens to participate fully in its governance. Our commitment to inclusion informs our values and is the basis on which our Town will thrive. Diversity enriches us.

“We further resolve that the principles of inclusion, tolerance, and civility will guide the actions we take as Selectmen. We resolve to reject policies that threaten or diminish this commitment, or that target or marginalize specific groups. We believe that everyone deserves consideration, compassion and respect.”

This is what makes Wilton strong.

In light of recent events, both locally and nationally, this proclamation is a vehicle for our community to publicly reaffirm and embrace our core values and celebrate our increasing diversity. We feel that the often-troubled historical record of the past century compels us to let our voices be heard, and further, that our voices be recorded for future generations.

To that end, we hope the BOS, a deliberate and decision-making board, will courageously and proactively lead the way by acting in favor this proposal.
Pamela Hovland
Wilton, Feb. 11