Letter: Proclamation embraces spirit of inclusiveness

To the Editors:

We are writing to express our wholehearted support for the Wilton Tolerance Proclamation.

The core values articulated by the proclamation — inclusion, tolerance, and diversity — are values we share, and that we hope our fellow Wilton residents share as well. In this time of what seems like unprecedented national divisiveness and partisanship, let us take advantage of whatever opportunity we may have to come together locally in a positive and affirmative manner. Let’s not allow our differences to obscure our common ground: a desire to live peacefully and prosperously together; to forge a dialog that encourages opposing points of view without viewing each other as opponents; and to create a better world for our children that they will someday soon inherit from us.

When our founders wrote “We, the People” into the opening words of the Constitution, they intended to include all Americans. It was, and still is, our great democratic experiment: we’re always in the process of forming a “more perfect union.” The tolerance proclamation strives to include all Wiltonians in much the same spirit and process: an admirable effort to transcend the partisan debate swirling around us, and embrace the better angels of our citizenship and humanity.

Accordingly, and in a similar spirit of affirmation, compassion, and leadership, we also urge the Wilton Board of Selectmen to approve the proclamation on behalf of us all.
Carolyn and Andy Gundell
Wilton, Feb. 15