Letter: President harms the country’s race relations

To the Editors:

I attended last week’s interfaith rally in the wake of the Charlottesville tragedy, and was greatly moved by the comments of the clergy, and especially by the heavenly voice of Adrienne Reedy.

But I was saddened that at no point during the event, including in remarks by three public officials, neither the words “The President” nor “Donald Trump” were uttered. Someone vaguely referred to “the top of our government.”

I'm sure the argument is that this was an "apolitical" gathering. But the fact is that Charlottesville is not simply about Neo-Nazis and the murder they committed. It is about our President’s equivocation in the face of that evil. There is a man in the White House — call him a Republican or disavow him as some Republicans have, no matter — who is doing grievous harm to this country and especially to its race relations. If we’re going to sing and cry about the tragedy of Charlottesville we sure as hell ought to identify the one who made it doubly tragic.

Not to do so is to play politics in a more harmful way.
Bob Carney
Signal Hill Road, Aug. 28