Letter: Please remember to vote on Saturday

To the Editors:

If you’re breathing a sigh of relief that the budget as proposed by our town boards got through Tuesday night’s session of our Annual Town Meeting without being reduced by way of a successful floor motion — several of which were considered and discussed at length — please don’t forget that those who made and supported these budget-reduction motions will faithfully vote.

So the key job now is to get out and vote on Saturday at the Clune Center if you didn’t vote on Tuesday night. It’s important to let our three town leadership boards know that in the voters’ eyes, they made the right budget decisions, and it is really important that a high voter turnout make that point convincingly. As noted by many on Tuesday evening, the Town and school budgets are very well thought-out, and a school budget with a zero percent increase is truly amazing especially when considered against neighboring towns’ planned increases of from 1.6 to 2.5%.

The two largest bonding resolutions are also critically important to our town’s future and only pass by affirmative vote of those actually voting — without the automatic passage provision that directs that the proposed town and school budgets automatically pass if fewer than 15% of residents vote. Our roads need a continued program of long-term repair that is a money-saver in terms of total long-run costs, and our police building is an embarrassment of grossly inadequate space and badly deteriorated conditions that really constrain the operational efficiency of our outstanding police force.  

So please get out and vote on Saturday.  

Steve Hudspeth

Glen Hill Road, May 4