Letter: Playshop reaches out to hearing-impaired

To the Editors:

For many years the Wilton Playshop has provided enhanced productions designed for those with hearing loss; among those were signed and open-captioned performances and assistive listening devices available at all productions.

Two years ago an audio loop system was installed as the most advanced technology for those with hearing loss. All of these initiatives were funded with donations outside of Playshop operations. To complete the effectiveness of the loop system, additional mics will be installed on the stage this month.

Our thanks are extended to many donors who have made this important additional project possible, continuing to make the Wilton Playshop a leader in support of enhanced audio productions for those with hearing loss.

The Children’s Hearing Institute of New York, Tom Paron, Compass Management, Pat Gould, Michael and Jennifer Cippoletti, Ed and Jan MacEwen, Mary Nadig, Dr. Robert Weiss, Dr. Priscilla Wilder, Carol Johnson/Fairfield County Bank, Matt Criscuolo/Wilton Pizza, Judy Higby, Peg Koellmer/Realty Seven, Mike Kaelin, Phil Lauria, Ancona’s Wines, Myriad Development, Business Building Blocks, Fran Rowella, Jamie Orvis/Security Solutions, Brian Perry/Open House Gifts, Ralph Slater/Gregory & Adams.

Alan Gould

Michael Crystal


Wilton, Oct. 6