Letter: Pickleball players meant no harm

To the Editors:

On Wednesday [Nov 29], the temperatures were to be pushing 60 degrees, so three friends and I wanted to play pickleball outdoors. We were told two of the new town courts could be played on. We realized the courts still had more work to be done in the spring.

We drew temporary lines with children’s chalk on the courts so we were able to play a few fun games of the fastest-growing sport in America. Many towns throughout the United States use temporary lines on tennis courts, such as tape, chalk, rubber pieces, etc. to play pickleball. If we had known this was not allowed in Wilton, we would not have been there.

We were surprised this offended so many residents. Again, if we had known this wasn’t allowed, we would not have played. It was not done in a malicious or “sour grapes” fashion, it was purely to enjoy the outdoors on a beautiful day in Wilton playing the sport we love.
Kim Becker
Timber Top Trail, Dec. 4