Letter: Pay increases without merit

To the Editors:

I have an open question for all of the good folks who sit on the Boards of Selectmen, Education, and Finance, specifically those who seemingly have little problem with continuously pushing for various and sundry pay increases; without corresponding merit for same. Here's the question: Might those proposing same consider that there might just be a link at all to the ongoing rises in taxes, or a link to our ever weaker housing market, or a link to the rise in the number of empty stores in the town of Wilton? Another question is, have they noticed that the town budget was voted down in the last election?

Reading about the 2.38% increase proposed for school administrators, and the 2.5% for the first selectman, whose chair is hardly warm, somehow makes one suffer under the notion that fiscal responsibility is not high on the list of priorities for those in favor of increase such as these.

Lastly, has anyone else noticed, board members included, that the Wilton Bulletin, in its article on 'What Happened in 2015  did not mention that the majority of Wiltonions voted against the town budget?
Thomas Curtin
Tamarack Place