Letter: POCD process is democracy in action

To the Editors:

I was quite impressed Thursday night [Feb. 22], at the POCD meeting at Trackside, by so many of my fellow residents. The thoughtful and respectful tone following the presentation allowed many in attendance with differing views to each express their opinions regarding the Plan Of Conservation and Development, and Thursday night's topic of housing.

While I did not necessarily agree with everything that everyone said, it was obvious that everyone in attendance cares very much about the future of our town. And I found myself with little to say, since almost everyone who got up and spoke expressed at least one idea that I could get on board with. I witnessed small-town democracy in action.

I encourage everyone to make an effort to get involved with the process, and hope that the various town boards have these meetings often over the next year.

Harry Clark

Wilton, Feb. 23