Letter: PGP staff says 'Thank you!'

To the Editors:

The Post Graduation Party began six years ago as merely Project 2014, but the fund raising and planning finally came to fruition on June 21. The party took place and was an event to be remembered.

Just hours after the seniors received their diplomas, they gathered at Middlebrook School, which had been transformed into a spectacular New York City venue. Many parent volunteers put in countless hours preparing for the evening. To all of them we are extremely grateful.

Clues to the theme had been posted, and personalized invitations had been hand delivered. As the graduates arrived at their PGP they were greeted by an orientation video featuring many of their favorite teachers detailing the evening to the tune of “Timber.”

Entertainment options were plentiful, as was the food provided by the various street vendors and cafes. Over 300 students had a chance at the more than 30 raffle items and each attendee left with a fabulous 2014 embroidered blanket to take to college. Old and new photos of the graduates lined the shelves of the memorabilia room, and the artwork displayed in the museum was a testament to the talented students over their years in Wilton.

The PGP is sponsored by Wilton Youth Council, an organization dedicated to positive development of social and emotional environments for our children and youth fostered through programming and networking. PGP is mostly supported by parents and local businesses through generous donations including decorating supplies, raffle items, food and beverages.

We would like to thank Wilton Board of Education for their continued support of the event, and Wilton Public School Staff, particularly the Middlebrook administration and custodians.  In addition we are extremely grateful to Comstock and Parks & Recreation for allowing us to completely take over one of the rooms so the creativity could flow throughout the year. Lastly we would like to say a huge thank-you to the many parents of the class of 2015 who oversaw our Walk Through prior to PGP and showed up at the early hour of 5 a.m. on Sunday to handle the cleanup.

To the entire graduating class of 2014, we would like to say congratulations to each and every one of you for your tremendous accomplishments. As you leave the confines of Wilton, we wish you continued success with your next endeavors. We are so very proud of you and hope you enjoyed the special celebration in your honor.

Amy Burke

Jayne Sullivan

2014 PGP co-chairs