Letter: Nursery school thankful for another ‘Dashing’ success

To the Editors:

Community Nursery School of Wilton (CNSW) would like to thank everyone who helped make our Second Annual Duck Dash a swimming success! Current and former parents as well as teachers and alumni from the school helped create a fun-filled event where Wilton families watched nearly 400 rubber ducks cross Merwin Meadows pond with some help from nursery school alumni J.T. Heffernan and Hannah Schubkegel.

We would like to thank our sponsors: Pinocchio Pizza, Shaolin Studios, Village Market, Wilton Hardware, College Creamery, Friends of CNSW, JoyRide, Marly's, Toozy Patza, Wilton Pizza and Zawack Shack. Donations from Coco Nails, Craft 14, Jersey Mike's, Lymbr, Pet Pantry, Signature Style and Subway were greatly appreciated. A portion of the proceeds were donated to Americares for hurricane relief.
CNSW Duck Dash Committee
Wilton, Oct. 3