Letter: Not sure gas is the right choice

To the Editors:

As a Wilton resident, I am not convinced that the natural gas project being advocated by Mr. Brennan was the right choice.

Was there a “white paper” formulated by Mr. Brennan where safety, inconvenience, loss of business revenue, and the future uncertainty of natural gas pricing versus the price of heating oil were considered?

Did he compare solar, fuel cell, and other alternative energy sources to supplement the heating needs of the schools?

What formula did he use for saving the town $450,000 to $500,000 every year verses alternative energy solutions?

From January 2012 to this week, the price of natural gas has more than doubled from $2.00 to $4.50 (It spiked to $13.00 in 2008). The only reason it has not cost more recently is because of fracking — especially in Oklahoma and other states (including the Northeast) where they are experiencing an inordinate amount of earthquakes.

Does Mr. Brennan anticipate increased fracking in other communities will keep the cost stable? What contingencies have you put in place for the loss of business revenue in town center? What catastrophic contingencies are in place for natural gas explosions? Mr. Brennan seemed to overlook these important questions.

Kevin Hickey

Black Alder Lane