Letter: No enthusiasm for new historic district

To the Editors:
In reading Kendra Baker's front page article on historic designation of the the Bald Hill area, I was taken back on how misinforming the article is.
As a resident of Bald Hill, I was pretty shocked to find my neighbors note stating their intent. I have been in the architectural design business for most of my life. The feeling I got in my gut was the same feeling I get when I'm told that a variance did not go through for a client. The second thought was, since I'm planning to put the house on the market to sell, I'm looking at another hurdle to overcome in the process of selling. Not good.
As the outrage settled with my wife, we gathered with neighbors and realized that they were pretty upset too. No one wanted anyone telling them what to do with their house! As the momentum gained there were signatures and meetings. Two meetings with the Historic Commission were pretty vocal about opposing any egregious bureaucratic restrictions on anyone’s home. The second meeting letters of opposition (50%+ against) were presented to the commission, with a request for termination of any further initiative henceforth.
So please tell me where "the enthusiasm" is for this is?
David Palombo
Ridgefield Road, Feb. 18