Letter: New rules for old homes are commendable

To the Editors:

Despite significant change in the population and industry of Wilton over the past four decades, the town retains its unique charm and personality. One of the ways that Wilton has managed this feat is through the application of adaptive use regulations, which direct how old residences on Route 7 can be converted to commercial and office use.

The recently approved changes to these rules, the first update since the 1970s, are to be commended. The landscape of our town is enriched by the scale and detail of these old residences and barns. The changes will help the owners maintain these historic structures by improving their commercial utility. We encourage owners to review the revised adaptive use regulations and determine if there are opportunities for growth and improvement to the structures. We support “Marilyn’s Regulation” and applaud the Planning & Zoning Commission for enacting the changes.

Jonathan A. Foltz,Chairman

Wilton Historic District

and Historic Property Commission

Ridgefield Road, Feb. 27