Letter: New group implores 'no' vote for Miller-Driscoll

To the Editors:   

A recently formed group of concerned citizens has joined an effort to raise awareness surrounding the proposed Miller-Driscoll school renovation project.

We believe this proposal fails to consider other reasonable alternatives and options while presenting a fait accompli costing over $50 million.

It demolishes otherwise useful and fully functioning spaces and rebuilds at staggering per square-foot costs their supposed replacements.

It delays for an unreasonable time the remediation of serious problems that are hazardous to children’s health and safety.

It represents, in short, the very worst characteristics of organizations and efforts that tell user populations: “We know what you need, and here’s what we plan to deliver.”

Altogether, an arbitrary proposal reaching nonsensical ends.

We ask for your assistance now. Join Sensible Wilton to stop the Miller-Driscoll project. Vote “No” to express the need for a better plan that corrects real problems soon, demonstrates an understanding of genuine learning environments, and reflects an essential concern for this town’s true fiscal responsibility.

Alex Ruskewich

Sensible Wilton

Information: Sensiblewilton@yahoo.com

Calvin Road, Sept. 9