Letter: New gas line needs how much from taxpayers?

To the Editors:
I have read with great incredulity that Mr. Brennan has asked for hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to extend a natural gas line to Miller-Driscoll. This resulted because the School Sisters of Notre Dame do not need natural gas. Whatever happened to the $500,000 in annual cost savings as “carefully calculated by the town’s Energy Commission” with no documentation that Mr. Brennan bragged about in multiple media sources in 2014? Why is Mr. Hampson co-chair of the Miller-Driscoll Building Committee and also the chairman of the town’s Energy Commission? There seems to be a systemic and ongoing problem of taxpayer abuse in town where people chair multiple boards leading to absurd tax dollar expenditures without transparency via genuine facts and figures from the outset of projects.
Kevin Hickey
Black Alder Lane, April 13