Letter: New floors for a new school year

To the Editors:

An open note of thanks to Wilton’s Board of Education and Board of Selectmen — this week our kids are returning to school, where they will find beautiful, shiny new floors in both Middlebrook gymnasiums!

Big thanks to WBOE’s Buildings Supervisor John Murphy and his crew for getting this project on the books and seeing it to completion over the summer. The floors were sanded down to bare wood for the very first time, then repaired, polyurethaned, lined, and polyurethaned again. Quite a job!

There are hundreds of students who will get to use the Middlebrook gym floors during PE class, and almost a thousand more in Wilton’s Parks & Recreation and Wilton Basketball Association programs who will compete on these squeaky new courts this winter. Other sports and activities are sure to benefit as well.

Now that we have these great new courts, it’s up to us to help keep them clean and safe. Please help Mr. Murphy and his crew by wiping your feet when entering the gyms, staying off the courts between games, and respecting posted signage, so that we can protect this investment and keep our new floors looking great for years to come.

David Cote

Oak Ledge Lane, Aug. 25