Letter: Must teachers be certified in CPR?

To the Editors:
(The following letter to the Board of Education is reprinted here at the author’s request.)
Last week I had the privilege of participating in Career Awareness Day at Middlebook School where my daughter is in seventh grade.
My role was to present the work of an emergency medical technician. The students had a chance to do Hands-Only CPR as well as learn how to use an AED. Many of the students approached me after each session because they wanted to be further educated in CPR and get their certification.
But this is not why I am writing (although I certainly do support CPR being taught to children in school). I am curious about the requirement, if there is one, for all teachers in the Wilton Public Schools to be certified in adult and child CPR and AED use? I have heard different answers to this question. For example, I have been told that teachers are required to be trained in choking relief and EpiPen, but nothing beyond that.
I look forward to your response and learning more about the current requirements for teachers. Thank you.
Nancy R. Capelle EMT, CET
Stonecrop Lane, March 21