Letter: Millstone development will have negative impacts

To the Editors:

For the second time, the Inland Wetlands Commission hearing on the Brubeck Trust plans for wetlands development on Millstone and Hickory Hill roads has been delayed. The first hearing was July 28, the second Aug. 11, now postponed until Sept. 8. The cynic within me fears that the scheduling of three dates (possibly more) is an attempt to inculcate apathy in those affected by this development. The objective, I worry, is to render it a merely perfunctory matter that obtains commission approval without a true hearing and diligent public review of the impact on our daily lives and property values. I have reviewed the entire file and all of the plans and drawings.  

The plan:

  • Six lots.

  • 20.237 acres or 881,524 square feet.

  • Length of new driveways, approximately 1,700 feet.

  • Six new five-bedroom homes with 90-feet-by-60-feet footprint (some larger, some slightly smaller) or 5,400 square feet of ground area (larger living areas).

  • Clearing of much natural growth, lots of new lawn area, new pressure on the aquifer and new septic leach fields for large homes.

This is an immense, massive and imposing 20-acre, ~900,000-square-foot development of what is now habitat. Seventeen hundred feet of driveway amounts to roadway. Will they be using explosives to clear rock during construction? The years of construction traffic on Millstone and Hickory Hill roads will be insufferable. How will the commission and the town mitigate the impact on the residents around the development? How will they handle noise abatement? Even if they were well intentioned and wanted to, could they? Do they have the wherewithal? Anyone attempting to sell their home nearby may experience a long wait.

Let’s be clear. This is not one-off construction of individual homes by people who want to live here, that may have occurred over many years. This is the commercial development of North Wilton. It’s for sale.
Nicholas R. Battista
Hickory Hill Road, Aug. 21