Letter: Middlebrook treated veterans with honor

To the Editors:

I was invited to attend the Veterans Day assembly program today at Middlebrook School by my friend’s daughter. I accepted the invitation and went, not knowing what to expect from young people of an age too new to the world, I thought, to understand what this day is all about in our country.

Well, I could not have been any more wrong with that assumption. These young people put together a truly heartfelt and earnest program in our honor. I could not have been more touched and proud of them all in this endeavor.

To say that I appreciated and enjoyed it would be an understatement.

Thank you, Middlebrook students and faculty. You are all very special young people and you should all be proud of what you did today for all of us veterans.

Gene Feher

US Army, 25th Infantry, Vietnam 1969

West Meadow Road, Nov. 11