Letter: Metro-North — Gimme a brake!

To the Editors:
Me and my Wilton buddies (aka victims) who ride Metro-North had yet another wonderful week at the hands of the monopolistic purveyor of commuter rail services.
It started when the brakes failed on one morning commute. Stuck in the South Bronx, they sent the “Rescue Engine,” circa 1955, to retrieve of us. The conductor-musings ensued on the P.A. system as to whether they would add insult to injury: Do we drop the victims off at 125th Street in Harlem and let them figure out how to get to work in Midtown Manhattan, or take the ragged crowd all the way down to Grand Central. Happily, the latter, after we spent three lovely hours on the train, sans heat.
Two days later on the evening commute, the diesel engine failed. You know, Metro-North’s vaunted Genesis engine! That night, another “jet-propelled” locomotive feebly dragged us back down to 125th Street from lower Westchester County.  There, we were off-loaded onto an electric train that took us to South Norwalk, where we all piled into the mini-train that goes up the Danbury Branch. The 5:48 p.m. out of GCT delivered me and the other victims to the Wilton station at 9:10 p.m.
Metro-North’s “Run-It-Till-It-Breaks” mentality deprives Wilton’s commuters of countless hours of our valuable time, continually. Where is the political class who purport to want to remedy this ill treatment of their constituency? It’s not enough to stand before the microphones and declare you’re all, “on board for transportation.” All we hear is empty talk behind self–congratulatory grins.
Do something! Now! Today! Immediately! Please!
Nicholas R. Battista
Hickory Hill Road, Feb. 14