Letter: Merwin Meadows playground is unsafe

To the Editors:
As a relatively new mother and young couple, my husband and I chose Wilton as our home last July when we took new jobs because of its abundant activities for children, wonderful school system and love for the outdoors. We enjoy the YMCA and have taken part in many events.
However, I am disappointed in the Merwin Meadows playground. Wilton is one of the only towns that does not have a public playground for children. I have to drive to Ridgefield or elsewhere to find a place in the summer to meet other parents and children without paying a fee. Moreover, I am happy to pay for use of Merwin Meadows but am appalled at the condition of the playground for this cost. It is rotting and has some exposed nails in areas. It is dilapidated and I do not feel it is safe for my children.
If we are to pay for its use in addition to property taxes, why can’t it be replaced? When I contacted the parks department, I was told it was made with donated money and built by volunteers. Apparently we do not have money in the budget to upgrade it.
If we have to pay taxes and a fee on top of that to use the only park in Wilton, so be it. But at least it should be safe and updated. I would be happy to help lead this initiative but would need help from local community members and other interested mothers. Please feel free to email me so we can approach this together.
Caroline Gulati
Wilton, March 11