Letter: Merritt parking signs make no sense

To the Editors:
(The following letter to Wilton’s state representatives is printed here at the author’s request.)
While using one of the new rest areas [on the Merritt Parkway], I noticed these signs, reserving space for “fuel efficient/low emission vehicles.” See attached picture.
This is ridiculous, insulting and a waste of money, for the following reasons:
1. No one, ever, anywhere, went to a car dealer and said “Gee, I want a low-emission vehicle so I can park closer to the bathroom at the rest areas.” It has never happened.
2. What does “low-emission” mean? I bought a new car in 2014 and I can assure you it was built to the same federal standards as every other car on the road (VW excluded). All new cars are, by definition, low-emission.
3. Many of us (like me for my volunteer duties with CERT) have to drive larger vehicles to carry equipment, tow a trailer, and have real four-wheel drive for winter emergencies. We don’t have the luxury of being able to select a Prius. Why should we be punished?
4. My V6 Jeep is one of the most fuel-efficient SUVs in its class that can tow a 5,000-pound trailer. Does that qualify me as “fuel efficient” per the sign?
5. There is a bureaucrat somewhere that had to design, bid out and order these signs. Then we had to pay union labor to install and maintain them.
This sort of pointless, feel good, politically correct lunacy is what drives sensible citizens crazy. The only people who deserve special parking are the handicapped. Plain and simple.
Unless you can give me some valid reason for their purpose, please advise me as to when these signs will be removed.
Paul Lourd
173 Old Boston Road, Oct. 5