Letter: Memorial Day and beyond

To the Editors:

Memorial Day is a sad day for all. It also can bring thoughts of the coming summer. But not for the students. The kids are being sent off worrying about whether their teachers will still be there when they return in the fall. The Board of Education in their zeal to sell their budget with seemingly endless intimidating newspaper articles has impacted the school children as well as the adults in our community. I don’t think they gave any consideration to students until a high school sophomore attended a BOE meeting and pleaded with them not to fire her teacher. They seemed to be so concerned about getting their budget approved that they didn’t consider the ramifications of their rhetoric.

The budget process starts again this fall. It’s likely that they will again start the same maneuvers. Most likely they will start their long discourse with another sales campaign that will take us all the way to May next year. For the sake of our town and the residents we need mature, thoughtful and unbiased people who care about the condition of our community as well as the school system. Before fall we need to find a way to recycle the so-called Board of Education.
Faye Stilley
24 Serendipity Lane, May 24