Letter: Many made voting problem-free

To the Editors:

On Election Day 2016, more Wilton voters turned out than in either of the past two Presidential elections — more than 10,600 voters cast ballots for a turnout of about 84% on a beautiful fall day. Voters have commented that their day at the polls was problem-free with no security concerns or long waiting lines.  

The registrars of voters work hard to make election preparations long before Election Day, but can’t run an election without the extraordinary help of our team of more than 100 workers and many town employees. We offer our sincere thanks to Elections Moderators Karen Birck, Jim Burch, Paul Lourd, Joy Ruterman, and Alex Corra, along with Head Moderator Kim Nabulsi. They were supported by Assistant Registrars Janet Anderson, Linda Fein, Amy Genkins, Ray Moskow, Del Overby, Fred Sindel, and Katie Wilbur, our wonderful poll workers, Election Day registration officials, and absentee ballot counters from both political parties.

Deputy Registrars Kim Nabulsi and Joy Ruterman also spent an entire day helping with pre-election testing of our voting machines. We thank all of our poll workers sincerely for their courtesy to voters, their early morning arrival, and late night closing the polls. We couldn’t hold elections without their service to our community.

Many town departments helped in orchestrating a successful day for voters: Wilton’s Facilities Director Chris Burney and the school custodians, Chief Crosby and Capt. Lynch of Wilton’s Police Department, John Savarese of the town’s Information Systems Department, Wilton’s Department of Public Works and our dedicated crew — Bert DeVito, Pat Cavalieri, and Bobby Fleming — for setting up the polling places. Our town clerk’s staff processed more than 1,500 absentee ballot applications. They worked late in the night to make it possible for travelers, overseas residents, students, commuters, military personnel, and voters with disabilities to cast votes in this election.

Finally, we thank the voters of Wilton for a great turnout following a long campaign season.
Carole Young-Kleinfeld and Tina Gardner
Registrars of Voters
Wilton, Nov. 15