Letter: Make your voices heard

To the Editors:

In last week’s Wilton Bulletin there were two articles on the Op Ed page that I believe presented two distinct views on what Wilton citizens need to consider as they vote on the town’s budget next Tuesday.

Selectman Mike Kaelin presented a rational, fact-filled article to support his position that it is essential, for the good of Wilton and all its citizens, that the Board of Education needs to understand that Wilton cannot afford the increase they are requesting without doing damage to the town.

The second article by the Oracle of Glen Hill presents his opinion, as he has in the past, that we need to spend, spend, and spend, without providing any factual justification. In his article he states, “The only way to prevent that further whacked-down result is to be there on Tuesday …” to vote against reducing the BOE request. The Oracle never mentions the fact that, since fiscal year 2007, the BOE budget increased by over $21 million while enrollments in the school system were declining. The $21 million does not even include the cost of the Miller-Driscoll renovation or the planned upgrade to the playing fields. This was not surprising since his articles rarely contain facts.

It is important for Wilton citizens to attend the Annual Town Meeting and make their voices heard based on the realities we are facing. Your vote at the meeting or on the following Saturday is important.
Alex Ruskewich
Calvin Road, April 25