Letter: Loss of GE — Think outside the box

To the Editors:

Over several decades many major U.S. corporations, including GE, have greatly benefited from local, state and federal tax policies. As a result, most of these major corporations pay little or no taxes while the rest of us pay our fair share and in some cases pay even more in taxes than a major corporation! And how have these corporations demonstrated their gratitude for these generous tax policies — sometimes referred to as “corporate welfare”?

Sadly, many of these organizations have transferred tens of thousands of good-paying jobs overseas. Many have also held legislators and the general public hostage for even better terms and conditions despite earning billions of dollars in profits.

Recently, GE announced they are changing their business model and are getting out of the financial services industry (GE Capital). GE also announced they are relocating their headquarters to Boston because they want access to more technology-related opportunities that are not available to them in Fairfield County.

With that in mind, I would like to know what technology initiatives our local representatives have formulated and presented that would be of benefit to the overall community and towards attracting start-up companies and corporations? As a suggestion, perhaps, our local legislators could develop and promote initiatives that would help to create a public-private partnership and include students from the outstanding school districts in Fairfield County and the fine universities in Connecticut.

We need representatives who have a vision for the future, not ones that rely on simple outdated “solutions” that don’t meet the needs of the community or the potential business partners. It’s time for our local representatives to stop pointing fingers and point their efforts towards promoting the benefits of access to a huge pool of highly educated, technologically savvy, creative and highly motivated potential employees who would be ideally suited to both start-ups and established organizations.

Let’s put 1960s-style solutions aside and look forward to developing a better future for our local economy and communities by making full use of the incredible resources that are right in front of us!
Franey M. Donovan Jr.
Wilton, Jan. 23