Letter: Longtime vet moves on to a new chapter

To the Editors:

After 42 wonderful years, I am closing my veterinary practice at the end of this moth. You may know that I began my life in veterinary medicine right here at 114 Westport Road, as a 15-year-old “kennel boy.” Now it’s time to make a change. My wife Moira and I are not going anywhere, but will be spending more time with grandchildren, traveling and focusing on a number of fun projects long left unattended.

I have had a long, fulfilling career. I’ve had the shortest commute, the best co-workers and the nicest clients a professional person could ask for. Not surprisingly, the few closest friends who knew of my intention have asked, “Why on earth would you give that up?”

The answers are many, but succinctly I knew 53 years ago that I wanted to be a “vet” and I was fortunate enough to become one. I was able to take over the practice that my mentor Dr. Guthrie started just after WWII. I think I may well have had an opportunity to practice in the finest place, at the finest time, a veterinarian could have hoped for. This community has been wonderfully supportive of me and my family. We’ve loved being a part of it and will of course continue to be. I’ve really enjoyed and am proud of what I’ve done in veterinary medicine. Now I know it’s time to do other things.

The only sadness comes, of course, from knowing I’ll not have the fun of seeing many of you and watching your four-footed friends grow, and get older, here in the office. But as I say, we’re not going anywhere, so you can give me updates when we bump into each other at the Village Market.
Kevin J. Craw, DVM
Wilton, June 12