Letter: Letter should prompt reflection

To the Editors:
(The following is in response to a letter from Yvonne Wagner which appeared in The Bulletin on July 6, 2017.)
Thursday has been Wilton Bulletin Day for over 52 years for me, and I read it as soon as it arrives in my mailbox. I so appreciate your raising the issues you did in last week’s Wilton Bulletin. I have experienced personally the issues you raised and many more as any long-time resident will tell you. Your letter should result in some much-needed reflection in boutiques, stores, churches, and schools.
You see, your granddaughter makes your daughter's family the kind of family that Wilton is rebuilding the Miller-Driscoll School on Wolfpit Road for. This is an expensive, multi-year project — approved by just 27 votes — which is due to be finished when school starts. The argument for building a school quite a bit bigger than is needed was to have families like yours move to Wilton for the new Miller-Driscoll. I hope your daughter and son-in-law have found friendly neighbors and work colleagues, and they both will have a chance to observe the new school, its new programs, and staff before your granddaughter starts school.
We arrived in Wilton as your family did — a corporate transfer. My husband worked for IBM, which in those days stood for “I’ve been moved." It represented a move from the IBM office in Philadelphia to an IBM office in Westchester County, N.Y. Jerry would move around IBM offices in Westchester County for the rest of his 32 years with IBM. We came to Wilton with two pre-schoolers and a baby — not for the school system — but for the affordable house. We and our fourth rescue dog still live in the same house in the Silvermine area, where we raised our children, and also have connections with the Georgetown area.
When one of my daughter's teachers, Mr. Austin, retired from Wilton High School some years ago, he said that "the kids are the same, it's the parents that are different." I am again seeing this may be true. Recently, some boys I do not know have begun treating me the way I am treated at the Norwalk Library and when I am at Norwalk Community College for my Lifetime Learners classes, by opening and holding doors for me. The Wilton High School Class of 2017 was considered "caring and compassionate" and I do know some spectacular students and their parents who are.
Again, with thanks for raising important issues and being a grandmother is a wonderful experience. Our grand twins recently graduated from high school in Westchester County and are working as camp counselors before they head off to college. The years roll by fast.
Barbara B. Holdridge
Forge Road, July 11