Letter: Let your voice be heard at town meeting

To the Editors:

On Tuesday, May 2, at 7:30 p.m., in the Clune Center auditorium, all of us folks in Wilton should take advantage of our opportunity to be informed about what changes are taking place in our schools and how our money is being spent. We should attend the Annual Town Meeting.

I am content to let the budget for the Board of Ed stand, but I want to recommend that the superintendents pause this year, take a break, and not proceed with the third year of their coaching model and not transition into the Universal Design for Learning; instead, I would ask them to take time to reflect so that the entire district can assess what works and doesn’t work with their new instructional initiatives. More to the point, the administrators and the Board of Ed must include the observations and the wisdom of their teachers who can bring actual classroom experience to the conversation.

An excellent school district with superb teachers has been confronted with huge changes in administrative personnel over three years, along with significant changes in curriculum and instruction. It feels like the new folks came to town and started handing down directions for change without input from really good educators who were already here. Their top-down leadership style is not in sync with the expectations of parents and teachers in Wilton.

The Board of Ed and the administration should consult their own Wilton educators, who face the classroom daily, before making demands on their instructional styles. It’s time for these administrators to build trust with the experts who are vital to the success of our students’ achievement, from Pre-K all the way to senior year and graduation.

Please join me in attending the Annual Town Meeting on May 2, and let your voice be heard in support of our teachers in the district who want to contribute their ideas in our common endeavor to meet the needs of all our students as we prepare them to lead us in (not into) the 21st Century.
Susan Graybill
retired Wilton teacher
Wilton, April 16