Letter: Let’s change the tone of this rivalry

To the Editors:

In 1987 a series of fights on the playing field and between spectators sparked a heated rivalry that has continued on for nearly 30 years. The rivalry between Ridgefield and Wilton, (two towns whose high schools are no more than 15 minutes apart) took an ugly turn that day 29 years ago. Today, you can expect an unfriendly clash between the two schools at almost any sporting event. But what for?

With basically the same student body population and very similar town make-ups, the two high schools have more similarities than differences. It’s time that our sports teams and spectators came together as neighbors rather than as rivals. The healthy competition should continue for years to come but should be confined to the playing field

We must remember it’s just a game with opponents who live in houses just a few doors down the road. In fact, there's good chance that a high school rival today could easily be a college roommate or teammate tomorrow.

Orange and black or blue and white, a strong community has many colors and we need to show them all in a positive light. Let's make the Ridgefield vs. Wilton rivalry one that other towns want to emulate.
Mark Galione, RHS 2016
West Lane, Ridgefield, Feb. 1