Letter: Let’s be objective

To the Editors:

I have read Mr. Hudspeth’s recent column in which he states, “The only way to prevent that further whacked-down result is to be there on Tuesday.” Over the years, Mr. Hudspeth has taken great pleasure in disparaging the good people of Wilton (Sensible Wilton and many others) who base opinions on objective facts. Mr. Hudspeth bases his opinions on pontifical subjectivity where he effects zero objective knowledge of what is happening to Wilton’s town finances. He is merely a cheerleader for uncontrolled spending.

Mr. Kaelin’s commentary and Mr. Balderston’s comments on enrollment espouse common sense for Wilton’s future. We are being led down the wrong path for fiscal responsibility by Wilton’s Board of Education. Hundreds of fewer students and the BOE would like to enhance their bloated budget rather than take the fiscally responsible role of helping Wilton by being cost-effective. Board of Education continues to use bloated preschool budget numbers. They continue to provide outplacement ($4,200,000) at a rapid pace that is double of what Westport spends. The ratio of administrative support to students is at its lowest historic level while the teacher-to-student ratio is about the same. We are spending over $3,000 per boys and girls ice hockey player. We are also bonding a preschool renovation project with projected empty classrooms for millions over the next 20 years.  

Vote No, budget too high — we have to get this town back on the right fiscal track because Mr. Hudspeth’s illogical rationale and the Board of Education are leading us into a more serious financial derailment.
Kevin Hickey
Black Alder Lane, April 25