Letter: Less really can be more

To the Editors:

Tuesday, Feb. 3, every seat — there are 3,200 — in the newly renovated ($95 million) Kings Theater in Brooklyn was filled. The audience was treated to a performance by the legendary Diana Ross. She actually sang less than an hour. Ms. Ross was following a bit of wisdom, a rule if you will of show business, “Leave ‘em beggin’ for more.”

Last November we attended the Connecticut Master Chorale’s Holiday Prelude Concert. From first to final note, Ms. Tina Johns Heidrich, music director and conductor was on the podium one hour and 12 minutes. The concert, with a 15-minute intermission that stretched to 20 minutes, clocked a total time of one hour and 32 minutes. The Connecticut Master Chorale has performed at the White House, Madison Square Garden and Carnegie Hall, the latter three times.

In half a dozen interviews with members of the Wilton Singers, I found almost unanimous support for shortening the concerts. I say almost because one long-time member opined that they practiced so long it was natural to want to show all their wares. That singer is in the minority.

Please Mr. Shaw, give us a shortened spring concert. Leave us “beggin’ for more,” not grumbling, “It’s about time.”

Col.  Jack E. Daniels, USAF-Ret

Wilton, Feb. 9