Letter: League says ‘yes’ to two election ballot questions

To the Editors:

On Election Day, Nov. 6, Connecticut voters will weigh in on two proposed amendments to our state constitution when they cast their ballots. The League of Women Voters urges Connecticut voters to vote “yes” on both. Here’s why.

Ballot question No. 1 — Lockbox amendment. A “yes” vote will permit the state’s Special Transportation Fund to be used only for transportation purposes. This amendment will prevent future governors or lawmakers from raiding the Special Transportation Fund for purposes other than transportation-related improvements.

Ballot question No. 2 — Public Lands Protection. A “yes” vote adds new rules for transferring or selling state property, like parks, forests, beaches, or other public lands.  This amendment will require public hearings, specific targeted legislation, and a two-thirds supermajority vote by your legislators to approve certain transfers of public property. A yes vote will help preserve Connecticut’s treasured public lands, protect our state’s quality of life, and provide greater transparency in government decisions. Open and transparent government is a bedrock principle of the League of Women Voters. State lawmakers from both major parties have supported this change.

For background information, see the LWVCT website at www.lwvct.org .
Tina Gardner
Convener, Wilton LWV
Carol Reimers
President, LWV of Connecticut
Wilton, Oct. 23