Letter: Lavielle is a voice of reason within the state

To the Editors:

The state of Connecticut is in dire straits because of weak leadership from Gov. Malloy and the Democratic supermajority that stifles forward-looking initiatives. Whether we are talking about tax rates, underfunded pensions, the business climate or the exodus of jobs from Connecticut, the fault lies in the same place.

From the onset of the Connecticut income tax to Gov. Malloy’s attempt to capitalize the operating budget (can you imagine such foolishness?), the fault lies with the weak leadership of the Democratic supermajority.

We are fortunate to have the experienced leadership of Rep. Gail Lavielle who has been the voice of reason in our state. Gail has championed tax-neutral policies, promoted a business-friendly climate and fought against Democratic policies that drive jobs from our state. Gail’s focus on pushing through legislative reform for relief from mandates that strangle our schools has been nothing short of inspirational. Gail has been there time and again for our community.

I am proud to support Gail Lavielle for re-election. Please join me in doing what is right for our community once again.

Joe Burke

Washington Post Drive

Aug. 24