Letter: Lavielle is a champion of reason

To the Editors:

Connecticut continues to rank at or near the bottom of state-by-state ranking metrics in every area ranging from business tax climate (42nd), debt obligations (50th), retirement appeal (47th), achievement gap (50th), and not surprisingly, on a listing of “best-and-worst run states” (41st).

Clearly we need a dramatic change in the methodology we are currently utilizing in Hartford of borrowing money to delay a logical introspection of our state’s financial needs. The two-fold self-perpetuating vicious cycle of inefficient financing, and short-term investment of those borrowed funds will only serve to bury our state deeper in a Detroit-like quagmire. This fiscal misconduct is not a sustainable atmosphere, and will lead to irreversible consequences for the state.

State Rep. Gail Lavielle is one of the few legislators in Hartford to understand the need for demonstrative change. Gail has been the champion of logic and reason fighting for the type of spending reductions and tax reform that will entice businesses to want to operate in Connecticut, and for our residents both young and old to want to stay. I believe Rep. Lavielle has more than earned our vote of confidence this November.

Thomas Philippides

Wilton, Aug. 28