Letter: Lavielle deserves re-election

To the Editors:

Although it may be a little early in the campaign season, I wanted to be among the first to express my public support for the re-election of our state representative, Gail Lavielle.

I have been so impressed by Rep. Lavielle’s deep commitment to our community, and her seeming 24/7 approach to constituent service. Unlike the way most of us may think of our elected officials, Gail is very approachable, either in person, via email or even on the phone. Not only does she listen, but she gets results. For example, she led the charge to have thru-service restored to the Danbury line’s early morning train.

She was instrumental in securing funding for the walkway that is finally going to be constructed over the train tracks, providing a much-needed link between Wilton Center and the train station. And need I remind everyone of her valiant efforts to hold CL&P accountable in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy?

It seems that Rep. Lavielle is ahead of the curve on every issue of importance to our community. She is a tireless advocate for Wilton, and deserves to be re-elected.

Lisa Chubinsky

Sharp Hill Road, Aug. 16