Letter: Lavielle deserves conservation endorsement

To the Editors:

I was not surprised to learn that State Rep. Gail Lavielle has been selected as a “2014 CT League of Conservation Voter Environmental Champion,” or that she has earned the group’s endorsement for her re-election effort. I think the surprise would have been if she had not been selected, as Rep. Lavielle has been a tireless advocate for the environment, and for promoting sustainable solutions for some of our more serious problems.

For example, when Metro-North announced earlier this year that it would no longer provide “thru-service” on the early morning Danbury Line, Rep. Lavielle understood the negative consequences — more cars on the highway headed to better-serviced New Haven line stations. Rep. Lavielle led the charge and succeeded in having the service restored. She has also been a leader in protecting our open spaces and our state’s beautiful coastal resources.

For these reasons and so many more, I am proud to support Rep. Gail Lavieile’s re-election efforts.

Gail Hanny

Mayapple Road, Sept. 1