Letter: Latin is beneficial in learning other languages

To the Editors:

Recently, a letter to the editor recommended Wilton High School remove Latin in order to add Mandarin. I disagree. Latin is not only an academically fulfilling course, but an overall beneficial one.

Intellectually, I have greatly enjoyed my time with the language. Every time I translate it, I get some small satisfaction from decoding the puzzle it presents. It’s exciting to work with such a unique language, especially one which ran through such a powerful empire. While I love Spanish, I don’t get the same excitement simply from translating it.

Latin has given me a more intimate understanding of English grammar, as well. Since Latin is from a different family than English, I had to really learn the functions of grammar to succeed. By learning these tools, I came to appreciate and better understand similar functions in English. Accordingly, my writing skills improved.

Moreover, Latin has made learning foreign languages far easier. It has helped me with Spanish in school, and it helped me this past year when I set out to learn Portuguese on my own. I owe much of my success in Spanish and Portuguese, two languages I cherish and enjoy learning, to the language skills and grammar base Latin instilled in me.

In conclusion, WHS should keep Latin. I will forever look back fondly on my time in Latin, and the skills it developed in me will certainly remain with me long after graduation.

Alex Bendix, WHS ’14

Borglum Road, March 7