Letter: Latin deepens a broad range of study

To the Editors:

As a former Wilton High School Latin student and New York attorney, I felt compelled to respond to this letter [Prepare our students for globalization, Feb. 14, 2014]. Of all the courses I took at WHS, my four years of Latin was the part of my education that has shaped me the most.

I continued to take Latin while getting my bachelor’s degree at Furman University. The knowledge of Roman culture and government also contributed to my political science degree, giving me a foundation other students did not possess. When I studied abroad and took an internship at the EU, Latin laid the foundation for learning the romance languages around me.

Latin gave me a broader understanding of our cultural history, a love for the classical arts, made me a better writer and prepared me for success in law school.

As a transactional attorney, I know my writing skills are bettered by the skills I learned reading and translating Latin.

As an intellectual property attorney, I know the importance of art and cultural heritage that comes from an understanding of the classics. There is no replacing reading Ovid or Virgil as written.

As we move further and further from our past, Latin becomes more relevant than ever. If we want to be better global citizens, we need to understand the past that connects us. This is Latin’s importance and relevance. This is what set my education at WHS apart.

Susanna Guffey JD

Wilton High School ’06

New York City, Feb. 25