Letter: Land trust has become arrogant

To the Editors:

Open letter to Wilton Land Conservation Trust:

I’ve been a supporter of the Land Trust for many years. I therefore regret to inform you that you can count on my contributions no longer. It is not the trust’s mission that brings me to this decision but its behavior. Simply, the trust is arrogant — just as are the people who are trying to force 80-foot stadium lights on us. The trust thinks it knows what is best for our future. Rather than listen to those who know what is best for the present it stoops to forcing its agenda using the legislative authority of our town board.

I do not disagree with the value of saving the Keiser property from development but there were those who pointed out the fiscal irresponsibility of borrowing money at this time as well as the strain such borrowing would put on many townsfolk who already feel the pinch of our economic times. The trust, like a shabby door-to-door encyclopedia salesman of old, would hear nothing of their points of view, pointing out instead that it was only $20 a year — why that’s only a nickel a day!

Your company is with pols like the first selectman who rejoiced at the mandate he’d received from 84% of 7.6% of the voters, in other words, with the mandate he’d received from 733 people out of 11,500 — most of whom stood by and watched. As he said of the vote I will say of the trust, that “says it all.”

The truth is we are so impoverished we are borrowing money just to fix the cracks in our roads yet so stubbornly foolish and full of hubris we borrow more to save a property or to build a new town hall.

Joe Bruno

Ivy Lane, Dec. 3