Letter: Keiser property is impossible to replace

To the Editors:

As co-coordinator of the Fairfield County Regional Conservation Partnership (FCRCP), I oversee a collaboration of land trusts, municipal conservation commissions and like-minded environmental organizations. Within this partnership I represent the Wilton Conservation Commission and the Wilton Land Conservation Trust, as well as the 30+ members from around Fairfield County.

The FCRCP members and I are asking you to vote in support of the town of Wilton’s purchase of the Keiser property conservation easement. At stake is protection of something impossible to replace — the forests, fields, wildlife, and wetlands as well as the scenic beauty of Wilton.

However, the FCRCP recognizes that conserved parcels of undeveloped land in a pattern of unconnected and fragmented “islands” can weaken defenses to pollution and encourage habitat destruction and further isolation of our environmental resources. The Keiser property directly abuts 115+ acres of already protected open space owned by the town of Wilton or the Wilton Land Conservation Trust and has a potential connection to the forthcoming Norwalk River Valley Trail. These are unique advantages.

But protecting the Keiser property means more than connecting our forests, streams and open land. It means connecting all of us with a future of clean air, clean water, a diversity of wildlife, and a sense of the indispensability of community action. Please vote “yes.”

Donna Merrill

St. Johns Road, Nov. 11