Letter: Keiser property easement is a win for the town

To the Editors:

For once there seems to be a bit of good news about Cannondale!

The town, via the Conservation Commission, has reached an agreement to purchase a conservation easement on the Keiser family’s property on Seeley Road, thus preventing its development. If sold on the open market, we might have seen upwards of 17-21 large homes on that property, perhaps more if the builder sought some kind of zoning change. Now, over 42 acres of land will remain open space.

This is a “win” for the neighborhood of Cannondale, and the town of Wilton as a whole. Preserving open space helps limit the growth of municipal overhead, and helps to keep taxes low.

I would ask all citizens to come out and vote “yes” at the town’s special meeting on Nov. 19.

Harry Clark

Old Highway, Oct. 2