Letter: It takes a village for graduation to happen

To the Editors:

On Saturday, June 21, the 56th annual Wilton High School graduation exercises were held at the Tom Fujitani Field at Veterans Memorial Stadium. The success of the ceremony and the reception would not have been possible without the generosity of volunteers and businesses in our community. Traditionally, the school and junior class families host this event for the senior class.

A huge thank-you is due to Young’s Nurseries, for once again providing a wonderful array of trees, shrubs and flowers that framed the stage and beautifully decorated the field for the ceremony. Thank you to Jim and all the guys for their hard work and support.

Thank you also to Nancy Dolnier and the Village Market who were very helpful in preparing refreshments for all graduates and their guests. We thank Karl Dolnier who loaned, delivered, and supervised the set-up and breakdown of the refreshment tent.

We would also like to thank all the early risers who showed up to place the plants and assemble the tent. Thank you to Alan Emerson, Ryan Emerson, Ethan Michael, Dave Michael, Jim Mirabile, Steffen Nobles, TJ Saavaides, and Carter Vail.

We also thank Ben Foodman and Hunter Shipp, who helped carry ice to the reception tent.

Thanks to the moms who helped hand out caps and gowns to the graduates: Jane Alexander, Cynthia Brandt, Sally Healy and especially Ilene Kauffman for her help with organizing.

Of course an enormous thanks goes to Amy Donohue, Victoria Madden and Caren Tucker, who carried the refreshments to the tent, presented them nicely on trays and poured hundreds of cups of lemonade and water. Thank you to them for staying to help with all the cleanup as well.

Thank you to the following girls: Campbell Gulbin, Lilla Seymour and Katie Wardle, who walked around with trays of cookies and drinks for all the attendees.

Much appreciation to the dads and kids (Jim Mirabile, Dave Michael, Ethan Michael, Steffen Nobles and TJ Saavaides) who returned to disassemble the tent, clean up the refreshments area, and remove the large trees and plants from the field.

Thanks to more helpers who assisted with the plant removal, tent breakdown, and any other cleanup needs: Barry Hunter, Tyler Mirabile, Nick Pica, Quinn Reedy and Harry Wendorff.

A tremendous thank-you to Jose Figueroa and the entire Wilton High School custodial staff for all of their hard work and enthusiasm.

Finally, a sincere thank-you to Principal O’Donnell and the Wilton High School administrative staff who truly led the way to make Graduation Day a success for all.

Congratulations and best of luck to the class of 2014!

Jeffy Emerson, Vicki Michael, and Lauren Mirabile Graduation Chairs Wilton, June 23