Letter: It’s time to face reality

To the Editors:
At the end of August, Sensible Wilton sent an email to the Board of Finance, Board of Selectmen, Board of Education, and Superintendent Dr. Kevin Smith expressing our increasing concern with the existing Miller-Driscoll renovation project and the need for a rethinking of the current design plan.
Though we continue to believe that MD needs significant upgrades, the existing plan is fiscally irresponsible and not based on reality. The current plan is designed for 50 classrooms, which far exceeds any realistic projection of enrollments. To support our argument we attached a document that convincingly shows that projected declining enrollments could easily fit within the existing footprint and thereby save the town millions of dollars, as opposed to demolishing a wing and building new classrooms as the current design calls for.
To allow you to make your own judgment, Sensible Wilton has posted that email and accompanying document on its website, sensiblewilton.org, under the Enrollments tab, or via  http://sensiblewilton.org/?page_id=414. We encourage you to review this information and share it with your friends and neighbors. If you share our belief that a different, fiscally responsible renovation plan should be considered, please let us know via our site.
Alex Ruskewich, Sensible Wilton
Calvin Road, Sept. 6