Letter: It’s time to end Sensible Wilton’s waste of town resources

To the Editors:
In response to longtime Wilton resident and town leader Ray Moskow’s letter detailing the way in which “Sensible” has been wasting the time and resources of our town on a futile and useless effort respecting a Miller-Driscoll revote, “Sensible’s” president can do no better than to devote his attention to some gibes at IBM’s former leadership (of all things) and then repeats a canard of “Sensible’s” that “school enrollments are projected to significantly decrease here in Wilton.”
According to the best available and latest projection information, he’s wrong on the “significantly” part of that, but even if he weren’t — as Mr. Moskow pointed out in his letter and as “Sensible’s” president chooses to ignore apparently since he has no rebuttal for it — you don’t plan a rebuild designed to carry this building forward for another half-century based solely on enrollment projections for the next eight years, which is as far out as any professional projector feels one can reasonably go with any hope of reliability.
In fact, the comprehensive survey just completed last month by enrollment projectors Milone & MacBroom (30 pages long and well worth the read) presents in its three enrollment projections a modest eight-year change (through the 2022-23 school year) in enrollment of Miller-Driscoll age-range students of from -8.5% (“low enrollment projection”) to -7.1% (“medium”, and they believe the most likely: “In our judgment, the medium growth scenario presents the most appropriate model for long-term projections over the eight-year planning horizon of this study” (p. 24)) to -5.3% (“high”).  (pp. 26-28, charts).
“Sensible’s” president also points to the “more than 1,100 citizens” who signed the original petition (actually 1,070 registered town voters signed it according to our Registrars of Voters, and of those 1,070, fully 750 had not even voted in the September rebuild vote about which they complained, also according to our town Registrars of Voters). However, “Sensible’s” president conveniently omits reference to the far more paltry number who signed “Sensible’s” latest petition effort. Barely more than one quarter (27%) of the number who signed “Sensible’s” original petition signed “Sensible’s” latest petition, and 64% of those latest signers also had not bothered to vote in September. Specifically, of the 291 town electors whose signatures were verified on the latest petition, 187 who signed did not vote in September, again according to our town Registrars of Voters.
What better evidence than the number who signed this new petition that Wilton residents are coming to realize how bankrupt “Sensible’s” ideas are concerning this project and that it’s time to bring closure to “Sensible‘s” great waste of our town’s time and resources.
Steve Hudspeth
6 Glen Hill Road, April 17