Letter: Is town hall study a repeat effort?

To the Editors:

With reference to a recent Wilton Bulletin story relating to the Board of Finance’s plan to spend money to “study” the expansion of the town hall, I think it is important to look back in time.

In 2000, the Board of Finance and Board of Selectmen included the following in their capital budget requirements.

“4. A Resolution Appropriating $500,000 For Architectural, Engineering And Other Professional Services Related to Alteration, Expansion and Reconfiguration Of The Town Hall Complex, Comstock Community Center, And Evaluation Of Options For The Relocation Of the Board Of Education Central Office And Authorizing The Issue Of $500,000 Bonds Of The Town To Meet Said Appropriation.”

The resolution passed with a 10-to-6 margin.

I recall Mr. (Bill) Brennan was a Board of Finance member then and presumably was aware of that expenditure so this should not be a new item for him. I do not know how much of the $500,000 and interest was actually spent but I do recall seeing a number of plans, schematics and artist renderings at the time. That $500,000 would have been the annual tax bill for 65 average Wilton homes!

So now we see the continuing, lamentable pattern of the town spending tax money for more studies, consultants, pipe dreams, etc., without regard for conserving the public purse. And here, too, with no new services to show for it.

Ed Papp

28 Walnut Place, Oct. 15