Letter: Is the Gilded Age being repeated in Wilton?

To the Editors:

Having read Stephen Hudspeth’s recent Wilton Bulletin column on The Gilded Age, I cannot help but relate political autocratic regimes during that period and the present Wilton town government. Tammany Hall comes to mind where a political machine controlled by a few select individuals dictated to the majority who were going to be elected and what infrastructure projects were to be approved via political patronage.

Unfortunately in Wilton today we have a select few individuals comprised of both government and industry who are experts at manipulating the voting system in achieving richness for the few while burdening hard-working Wilton citizens with unstoppable tax excesses. Where in the 1800s Boss Tweed used immigrants right off the ships in South Street to effect elections, our officials with industry help (Turner Construction) use systemic and proven ploys to effect their own agenda.

A prime example is the Miller-Driscoll $50-million renovation vote that was rife with proven illegalities, manipulation, conflicts of interest, and abhorrent town hall responses to the people. Fortunately for the Gilded Age, FDR and Fiorello La Guardia formed a common core anti-Tammany political tag team that put an end to the madness of political corruption.

Fortunately for the town of Wilton, we have organizations such as Sensible Wilton and hundreds if not thousands of a common core both Democrat and Republican to expose the follies of present town government arrogance and to put the people of Wilton first and foremost.

Kevin Hickey

Black Alder Lane, Jan. 16